Part 1: Stop Selling Yourself Short (Introduction)

Stop Selling Yourself Short

I HAVE A VERY SERIOUS QUESTION. Are you selling yourself short? In life? Your relationships? At work?

Listen up, you guys. What started out as a single blog post has now turned into a series. Because this topic is super critical and something I think we need to discuss. I’m 100% guilty of selling myself short in various areas of life and that’s just not okay. I’m constantly having to remind myself and/or be reminded by others of my potential. It’s just hard for us to see at times! I get it.

But, I don’t want to sell myself short and I don’t want you selling yourself short either.

Because we live in a world centered around (say it with me) C-O-M-P-A-R-I-S-O-N, it’s easy to focus on what others have done (or are doing) all the while COMPLETELY OVERLOOKING our own accomplishments and qualifications and worthiness.

Whether it’s in our relationships, at work, or just in our capacity to DREAM, it’s super duper easy for us to forget all about our potential and devalue our worth. 

We look at others and we see their accomplishments or personality or WHATEVER and think, “Man, they have way more to offer than I do” or “I’m not worthy enough to do that.”








All these things cloud our vision. As a direct result, WE COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT OUR OWN CAPABILITIES AND POTENTIAL AND WORTH.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we won’t always meet the qualifications or work experience, but there are most certainly times when we do.

I’m guilty of selling myself short and allowing the success of others overshadow my own successes.

Their job titles and age and experience and seriousness intimidate me.

Without saying a word, their resumes and resources back me into a corner like a big bully.

Instead of believing in myself and remaining confident in my abilities, I strike out before ever allowing myself to take a swing which is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

It’s like everything I’ve accomplished, everything I’ve worked hard for and earned, never existed. I compare myself to them and then find myself feeling like A BUMP ON A LOG.


What about my successes and my resume and my experience? What about everything I’ve learned and I’ve accomplished and I’ve proven (all by the grace of God, of course)?

I know good and well what I’m capable of. In fact, no one knows that better than me. I am determined, ambitious, self-disciplined, persistent, and relentless. I know exactly what I want and work diligently to achieve it.

But for whatever reason, I tend to forget about that person from time to time.

And I have a feeling you do, too.

selling yourself short

Your age, your job title…these things do not define you. There are plenty of people who hold titles they don’t deserve and vise versa.

Stop selling yourself short.

You know good and well what you’re capable of. Nobody knows that better than you.

Just because so-and-so has done this or that, doesn’t mean everything you’ve accomplished was done in vain.


You’ve made mistakes and learned lessons. If you didn’t know how to do something, you bought a book or took a course or studied online articles.

You figured it out.

You’ve got something to prove.

Your efforts and the results of those efforts show it.

We can dream as big as we stinkin’ want to.

There are absolutely NO LIMITS, NO BOUNDARIES, around God’s power and might.

I started dreaming of becoming a talk show host, applied for a job position most people my age wouldn’t apply for, and don’t lallygag around when it comes to dating simply because the people in my life cared enough to tell me, “Don’t sell yourself short.”


I don’t need to sell myself short and neither do you!

SO, if you’re potentially selling yourself short, I am going to be that person to you others have been to me. Because you’ve got places to go and people to see and things to do!

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • relationships
  • work/career
  • dreams

As you read through this blog series over the next few weeks, I hope and pray you find yourself encouraged and motivated to STOP SELLING YOURSELF SHORT and START BELIEVING IN ALL YOU HAVE TO OFFER. Follow along with the series here.


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