How to Ask God for Forgiveness (And What Happens When We Do)

ask God for forgiveness

While painting my bedroom this past weekend, God used Homax Nail Hole Patch (white toothpaste stuff that spackles nail holes) to remind me of what happens when we ask God for forgiveness.

You know I had exactly 75,293 holes to fill in if you’ve ever been in my room. Don’t believe me? SEE BELOW.

Bedroom - 1

Bedroom - 2

Bedroom - 3

Bedroom - 4

This is the “organized chaos” (what JD dubbed it) that was my room for the past 10 years. And yes, those were all tacked in place. It’s probably one of my prouder moments…but maybe not.

Those four walls have held:

  • hand-written letters/songs/poems from friends
  • old art projects (and other people’s art projects)
  • “borrowed” restaurant menus/hall passes/yard signs/Chili’s hot handle holders
  • basketball locker room decorations (and “borrowed” volleyball ones)
  • Miss Gregg County crown
  • a giant, PG-13 birthday card
  • a former WOHS teacher’s school pictures I found while cleaning out the choir room (to this day I’m still not sure how or why I was in there…due to the fact I was never actually in choir)
  • a broken gatorade-stirrer stick
  • an autographed coaster from a really cute Chili’s waiter
  • pretend rattlesnake eggs
  • a LOT of memories.

This was my first time to ever use Homax Nail Hole Patch (AKA: The Miracle Worker) and IT IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS MY HANDS HAVE EVER TOUCHED DUE TO ITS UNIQUE TEXTURE. I simply dabbed the toothpaste-like stuff on the nail hole, rubbed it in, and VOILA! The walls were GOOD AS NEW! Seriously. You couldn’t see a SINGLE HOLE! It was as if the holes had never existed!

As I was filling in hole after hole (after hole after hole), I realized…when we ask God for forgiveness, it looks a lot like those patched up holes. Stay with me, I promise I’m going somewhere.

ask God for forgiveness

Just as Homax Nail Hole Patch restored the walls and made them good as new, so God restores us and we become good as new when we repent and ask Him for forgiveness.

According to the dictionary, to repent means to “feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin.” Basically, this means to genuinely apologize, ask for forgiveness, and turn from our sins. It’s about having a pure heart and wanting to make things RIGHT.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to forget how faithful and merciful He is to forgive me when I repent and ask God for forgiveness. I know God forgives me when I repent, but I still find myself feeling guilty and continue to question, “God…are you SURE you’re not still upset with me about that??” or “God, I still feel bad about what I said/did 7 years ago. Please forgive me…again” (LOL, I have problems, I know).

1 John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

We serve a compassionate God who restores our brokenness each and every time we lay our unrighteousness at the alter and ask God for forgiveness.

Because He DELIGHTS in forgiving us, God patches up EVERY HOLE and forgives EVERY SIN when we sincerely repent. It’s who He is and what He does. He repaints the room (forgives) and it’s as if those nail holes (sins) never existed and, as a result, we’re good as new!

We may not always FEEL forgiven (because Satan or other people have told us otherwise), but we are. That is Biblical truth because the scars on Jesus’ hands are proof of that.

God doesn’t hold our sins against us and we shouldn’t either.

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  1. Anita Mckaney

    I love this Kristen! What a cool reminder. Another thought is how often we tend to point out the holes in other people’s walls when we have a wall full of holes that have been covered up with the patching blood of Jesus. Let’s be quick to help others find The Miracle Worker instead!!

    1. Kristin Koonce Post author

      Oh wow!!! That is such a good point, Anita!!! Yes, that is 100% true. It’s easy to point out everyone else’s “holes” before acknowledging our own, or before acknowledging that ours have been patched up by the ultimate Healer. I seriously love what you said. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!! 🙂

    1. Kristin Koonce Post author

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Christie! ❤️ I am always thankful for little reminders that point me back to Him!


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