Tips for Understanding Anxiety (from Those Who Suffer from It) + FREE Resource List

Nov 9, 2017 | Posted by in Personal | 0

This specific blog post is a (mostly summarized) list of the reasons those struggling with anxiety have a hard time speaking up, how loved ones can support, helpful resources, and other misc. tips for understanding anxiety. BONUS (FREE) Resource List for those Struggling with Anxiety It’s not normal to worry nonstop with irrational fears (don’tRead more …

3 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

Jun 8, 2017 | Posted by in Personal | 27
I'm A Christian and I Suffer From Anxiety

I recently found out I suffer from anxiety. That’s right. I’m a Christian and I suffer from anxiety. To be honest, I wasn’t going to write about this. Ever. Because it’s hard and a lot of people don’t (and won’t) understand it. And, as you probably already know, there’s a stigma attached to Christians who struggle withRead more …

Finding Peace During Difficult Times

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Finding Peace

Finding peace during difficult times is NOT an easy thing to do. Life has been HECTIC and these past few months have been hard and long. I’ve had a LOT of tests done so it’s been one doctor’s appointment after another. I’d take a test, wait two weeks, and get the results…only to find out thoseRead more …

Reasons Why Perseverance Pays Off

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I do my best to share milestones with you in hopes of encouraging you on your own journey. This particular blog post is about perseverance! My catchphrase has officially been trademarked for t-shirts only! You literally have to be McDonald’s or Nike to have a catchphrase trademarked, but this is the next best thing if you askRead more …

My One Word for 2017

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My One Word for 2017

Have you guys ever heard of My One Word for 2017? If not… “The My One Word challenge is simple: lose the long list of changes you want to make this year and instead pick one word that represents what you most hope God will do in you in the year ahead.   This process forces clarityRead more …