Desert Development

Jul 13, 2015 | Posted by in Personal, Spiritual Growth | 1

As promised, this is a continuation of my previous post, Trusting the Tracks. Because my blog is called Seeking the Sunshine, I believe it to be of utmost importance that I share with you the reason behind my contentment. I want His name to be glorified through every step of this journey! In doing so,Read more …

Trusting the Tracks

Jul 10, 2015 | Posted by in Personal, Spiritual Growth | 2

Now that I’ve graduated, a lot of you have been asking me about my future plans and, more specifically, when I plan on moving to Los Angeles. Therefore, I thought it was time I updated my readers on everything that’s been going on in my life and the decisions that have been made throughout theRead more …

Bloom Where You Are Planted

May 21, 2015 | Posted by in Personal, Spiritual Growth | 0

PSA: This post is lengthy…but which of my blog posts aren’t!? AM I RIGHT!? One of my all-time favorite quotes encourages us to “bloom where [we] are planted.” In fact, I love it so much, I had it framed when I went off to college and it’s been sitting on my dresser ever since. ThisRead more …