For Those Finding Your Way Through Trial and Error

Trial and Error

Alright, this blog post is for anybody who feels a little embarrassed to say where they’re at in life. And by “at” I mean where you’re living, where you’re working, what you’re pursuing, your relationship status, and anything in between. Basically, it’s for those of you who are finding your way through trial and error…and maybe it’s somewhat of a rant.

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For the longest time, I was hesitant to tell people I was a blogger and motivational speaker. Mostly because:

a) They wouldn’t understand

b) An annoyingly rude comment was likely to follow (B L E S S)

c) It wouldn’t meet their standard of “success” (WHATEVER THAT MEANS)


I am PROUD to be a blogger and motivational speaker. I’m determined to get things going and to make it work. Not a day goes by when I’m not working towards my goals and fighting for my dreams. Am I making a living speaking and blogging yet? NOPE. Am I embarrassed to say that? NO. Why? Because nothing happens overnight. I find other ways to survive in the meantime.

As I mentioned here, “Although these past two years have been the HARDEST DAD GUM YEARS OF MY LIFE (thus far), I know this is my journey. These are my obstacles. I am going to walk my journey boldly and confidently and face these obstacles with determination and ambition.”

The world is WAY TOO CRITICAL and judgmental. We are quick to concern ourselves with people we barely even talk to! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? If so-and-so wants to pursue this or that, who are we to say they’re doing it wrong??????

Did you know we don’t have to take the path everybody else takes???? I follow a blog called That First Year. I went to college with one of the co-founders. We met at T-Camp (Transfer Camp for Aggies #WHOOP) and this girl was a DREAMER. I remember sitting with her at a coffee shop for hours talking about our biggest hopes and dreams. Although we only saw each other in passing or class, we continued to keep up with each other via social media and we root for each other from right where we are.

Anyway, I love reading their blog because it’s a collaboration of different viewpoints from those who are experiencing their first year or two after college. No two guest contributors are doing the same thing and it’s AWESOME. Some have quit corporate jobs at the age of 22 while others are pursuing a career in the music industry. All these people are doing completely different things, pursuing completely different goals, and they are ROCKING IT. I don’t even know these people and find myself yelling, “YOU’RE DANG RIGHT. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!” on a regular basis.

They are each finding their way in the world. Through trial and error, they are learning what works and what doesn’t work for them. 

Shouldn’t we be doing the same?????

Trial and Error

I was having a conversation with some friends the other day about our hometown and how, in high school, everyone thought this was Satan’s town and the absolute pits. And guess what? 75% of those people are back. We’ve developed the mindset that if we’re back in our small town of “WIDE” Oak, Texas then we must have messed up somewhere along the way.


I loved my small town then and I love it even more now. I’m here and I’m thankful. This is where I know I’m meant to be and I’m not going to apologize for pursuing the passions and dreams in my heart.

We make choices in life. Some are wise choices, some are not. We learn and take chances and we LITERALLY find our “place” in this world through trial and error.

Can we all just take a step back and let people do their thing????

So what if somebody quit their job? WHO CARES if they are living at home with their parents (not forever…but ya know what I mean)? Oh, they’re not making a living doing what they love yet? BIG WHOOP.

At least they’re fighting for what they believe in and refusing to settle for a life of mediocrity.

When we criticize people for making healthy choices that coincide with the journey they’re walking (one we have never walked ourselves), we are basically telling them to settle. We’re telling them being miserable is more important than doing what you love and what you’re good at.

Experiencing life through trial and error does not mean you failed. It means you learned a little bit about yourself and can now navigate your path a little better than before.

If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out…but ZETUS LAPETUS, you guys…let’s give each other a break and encourage people to find their own form of happiness rather than forcing them to embrace ours.

My happy is not the same as your happy.

I don’t expect you to do things my way because my journey is different than yours. We don’t want the same things, nor is God calling us to do the same things. I know I have to do things this way and will gladly support you and root for you as you do things that way.

One of my all-time favorite quote says, “If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal.”

If they’re not in your inner circle and have NO EARTHLY IDEA what God is doing in your heart and in your life, don’t let their opinion influence your decisions.

For Pete’s sake, let’s give each other permission to be GROWING HUMAN BEINGS and find our way in this crazy world through trial and error.

Do what you need to do for YOU. Nobody else.

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  2. Ailie

    YES!!!! Sooooo good. ha ha ha ha I love this post. You hit the nail on the head. Most of my adult life especially my late twenties has seen me start letting go of people’s opinions (still a way to go) and going after what I want. I put one foot after the other following God’s lead in my life.


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