Homemade Videos from High School

April and May seem to be hectic months for many of you. I know some of you are college students, parents, teachers, etc. which means you have finals/exams, end-of-the-year banquets, prom(s), graduation(s), etc. coming up! So, I thought I’d take a different approach this week!

I don’t want you to have to think while reading today’s post.

You’ve got enough on your mind already.

Instead, please enjoy these music videos my friends and I made in high school. They are some of my most precious memories.

We were silly, loud, and occasionally obnoxious…but we didn’t care! We just wanted to have fun, and fun we had!

This first video was made to promote a garage sale at JD’s church (yes, that is THE Vicky the Volkswagen). We filmed it one Saturday morning at a random person’s garage sale!

We literally lived by the quote, “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.”

This second video was filmed at Yogurt Bar (a yogurt bar in town). My friends and I used to hang out there ALL THE TIME. I may not like yogurt, but I always enjoyed the company it brought.

I specifically remember us sitting at the round cushioned table one night waiting for Katie to get there and asking her to bring us a “Roadhouse roll” (the mother of all rolls) to make up for not inviting us to dinner. She ended up bringing a cake box filled with 40 of them. I looked at her with a tear twinkling in my eye and said, “This is why we’re friends.”

This last video was made at Snap Fitness, a workout facility in White Oak. This is, by far, my favorite video we’ve ever made. It features students from White Oak, Union Grove, Henderson, Harmony, and Pine Tree…and some of our moms! We dressed in 80’s clothes (my desired decade…but I’m thankful, Lord) and spent about 6hrs making this! We quote Legally Blonde at the end and I fall down at 2:02. Enjoy.

And no, this isn’t all we did in high school.

We only made videos during the day.

At night we went tortilla tossing (where you fill to-go boxes with Papacitas tortillas and frisbee them at cars and/or write notes on them in Sharpie and frisbee them in your friend’s yard), ding-dong ditching, rolling (or “wrapping” as my college friends called it…weird, I know), attempted the Gallon Challenge/Capri Sun Challenge/Cinnamon Challenge/Saltine Cracker Challenge (and got them on video…blackmail at its finest), explored manholes, jumped on bounce houses in the middle of the night, had Mario Kart tournaments, dressed as the cast of Glee for the midnight premier, dressed as pirates for the midnight premier of Pirates of the Caribbean, dressed as cows for National Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A, performed “Do-Re-Mi” on miniature guitars at Sonic and in the Papacitas waiting room, played fugitive across town, and pulled a LOT of (harmless) pranks.

Happy watching! 

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