How to Dream Big and Pray Boldly (and Why You Need to!)

dream big and pray boldly

Dream big and pray boldly.

That’s the phrase I chose for my latest shirt design. Why? Because that is my life mission. At first glance, you may be thinking this conflicts with my mission statement…but it doesn’t.

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My mission as a motivational speaker + blogger is to encourage and inspire Christians to have faith, live purposefully, and be a light in the darkness so that, together, we can make an eternal difference in this world for God’s Kingdom.

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I believe the dreams and passions in our hearts were handpicked for us by God. In no way do I think it’s a coincidence or accident I’m passionate about encouraging people to discover their purpose and use their spiritual gifts for the benefit of others.

We’re allowed to dream big.

Don’t ever let somebody tell you that you don’t “deserve” to dream big.

I don’t speak for God, but I honestly don’t think He wants us to aim small in life. Because in no way whatsoever does that require faith or trust. A safe, secure, 9-5 job we HATE that doesn’t let us use our gifts and passions and talents is not the abundant life God can and wants to give us.

I dream of being a talk show host. I’m sure you’re wondering how the actual heck a girl like me is going to be a talk show host. To be honest, I really don’t care. That’s not up to you and it’s not even up to me. Being a talk show host may not even be what God has in store for me, but it’s the one dream that has kept me awake at night since I was a junior in high school.

You may also be wondering why I’m living in a small town in East Texas if I want to be a talk show host. I asked God that very same question when I felt Him calling me to stay. It doesn’t make sense. All the talk shows are in Los Angeles and Chicago and Atlanta. Shouldn’t I be there working my way up?

I thought so, too.

However, one of the biggest wakeup calls I’ve had is this: God is not limited by our location.

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I’m facing what’s uncomfortable with what’s most comfortable…which may seem stupid or contradictive, but it’s been the BIGGEST BLESSING and everything I didn’t know I wanted or needed. Because that’s how God works.

I’m getting to use every single one of my gifts, talents, and passions on this journey. THAT’S WHAT IS SO STINKING CRAZY COOL ABOUT GOD AND HOW HE WORKS. Rather than mopping floors or waiting tables, by the grace of God, I’m actually getting to use my love for speaking and writing. I’m not making a living doing so (Y E T), but I’m working towards it every day and have another job to support me financially in the meantime. As I mentioned here:

“Walking in obedience and trusting God with your future is not always logical from the world’s perspective. It doesn’t always feel logical either, but we serve a God who defies all logic.” 

Do my dreams or (current) circumstances seem logical? Do they make sense?


Even though it DEFINITELY stinks at times, I have never felt more alive. I’m in my sweet spot.

The thought of becoming a talk show host sets my soul on fire, so I’m going to continue to dream big and pray boldly. I’m going to continue chasing down this dream until God tells me otherwise.

dream big and pray boldly

These shirts are meant to do one thing: encourage you and whoever lays eyes on them to dream big and pray boldly. To speak OUT LOUD what it is that keeps you awake at night…and then to pray like you’ve never prayed before…to literally “draw circles around those dreams” (read The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and watch your life be changed).

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I kid you not, God is ridiculously big and powerful and in no way whatsoever is He limited by anything we ask. He’s not limited by our locations or our experience.

Dream big and pray boldly.

Dream as big as you can and don’t give a RIP what anybody else says. I promise you, people will laugh at you and they will be RUDE and critical and make you feel 2 inches tall. But you know what?

Those are the very same people who are living in safe, comfortable jobs they hate and don’t fully enjoy.

Those are the very same people who lie in bed at night or sit at red lights and think about their own dreams and their own passions that they were NEVER BRAVE ENOUGH TO PURSUE.

They find themselves constantly thinking, “There HAS to be more to life than this.”

Don’t let that be you.

But, also, don’t forget to pray about your dreams. You cannot have one without the other. For one thing, before anything else, you must surrender those dreams to God. That has to happen first. He needs to know you trust Him, regardless of the outcome.

Your job isn’t results, it’s obedience. That’s it.

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So, don’t forget to dream big AND pray boldly. Get specific. DARE to ask God and pray about things that seem completely crazy from the world’s perspective.

God knows your heart and knows what you ultimately want anyway, but He wants to hear you say it.

Your dreams may not make sense from the world’s perspective and that’s perfectly fine.

Dream big and pray boldly…because abundant life is on the other side of fear and surrender. Don’t torture yourself night after night thinking about your dreams and then wake up the next day and refuse to do anything about them.

Do not lock up your dreams and shove them in a box or in the back of your closet.

You and I both know that attempting to hide them away doesn’t work…because God will gently and quietly continue tapping on your heart.

You will never experience the fullness of God’s plan for you by refusing to use your gifts, talents, and passions. You’re passionate about certain things for a reason. The dreams God has placed in your heart were given to you for a reason. You are the only YOU the world will ever have…so if you don’t chase after your dreams, the entire world will miss out on something INCREDIBLE.

Do not let small-minded people and their faithless opinions force you to put a limitation on God.


Go make an eternal difference in this world for God’s Kingdom.

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