Part 2: How an Entertainment Facility (Kid-Co) Changed My Life


Longview had an indoor entertainment facility called Kid-Co when I was little. My friends had birthday parties there ALL THE TIME. It’s what encouraged me to write this blog series about living out your childhood dreams.

This was no ordinary playroom.

It was the epitome of every childhood dream.

It had a boat, grocery store, hospital, classroom, stage, newsroom, dress-up station…you name it! As soon as you walked in the door, whether you liked it or not, your imagination was going to run WILD…and it did. EVERY TIME. It ran like wildfire.

Because for the next two hours, you could be whoever and whatever you wanted to be.

“I’m going to be a rock star!”

“I’ll grow up to be a fisherman!”

“I’m going to be President!”

“Well I’m going to be a teacher!”

“I want to be a hairdresser!”

“I’m going to be a mechanic!”

These are just a few of the things we aspired to be.

I could always be found in one of two places at Kid-Co: in the boat with a rod and reel in my hand or in the karaoke room with a microphone in my hand.

Kid-Co Fishing

This photo was taken at Kid-Co when I was 6 years old! Don’t let that smug look and broken wrist fool you. That record-breaking fish didn’t stand a chance!

Kid-Co Speaking

I’ve shared this “Transformation Tuesday” picture before! The photo on the left was also taken at Kid-Co when I was just 6 years old. The photo on the right was taken at Sigma Phi Lambda’s end-of-year banquet my senior year of college.

If given the opportunity to speak in public, I was going to do it:

  • having a speaking part in our children’s program at church
  • getting the fans fired up at pep rallies every Friday
  • being the emcee for our school talent shows
  • narrating the Easter Cantata at church
  • singing karaoke at Kid-Co

The interests and passions we had as kids reflect the purpose God has for us as adults.

I have loved speaking in front of an audience since I was a little girl.

I had no idea the innocence and naiveté I had back then, motivating invisible audiences at 6 years old, was a glimpse into the life I’d be living now, motivating real audiences at 23 years old.

Though the journey looks a little different than I thought it would (okay, it looks a lot different), I’m still doing what I’ve always loved doing — speaking, entertaining, inspiring.

I’m not pretending anymore…and it just feels…right.


Kid-Co has been closed down for years.

A Papa John’s now resides in its place.

I drove by the building a while back and suddenly found myself WEEPING as I thought about how many dreams were packed up in boxes and left inside that building.

At 6 years old, because of places like Kid-Co, we believe we can be and do anything we want and there are no critics to tell us otherwise.

But then we grow up.

We stop dreaming, we stop believing in ourselves, we let the opinions of others dictate our actions, and we fear failure/disappointment.

Ultimately, we settle for less than God’s best for us and, as a result, we miss out on the grandest adventure of all…using our passions to fulfill God’s purposes for us here on earth.

Maybe you’re one of those people. Perhaps you “boxed up” the dreams of your childhood long ago (due to fear, doubt, etc.) in attempt to hide them from others. Maybe, just maybe…they’ve yet to go away.

Those dreams continue to resurface no matter how hard you try to tuck them away.

It’s never too late to do what you’re most passionate about and what sets your soul on fire.

It’s never too late to live out your childhood dreams.

There’s a reason you can’t stop thinking about it, there’s a reason that dream has yet to go away after all these years.

There’s a reason God chose YOU to dream that dream.

I want more than anything for you to discover that reason, and I pray you begin that journey today.

Living out our childhood dreams requires us to fight for God’s truths instead of surrendering to the world’s lies…that we can’t be this or we can’t do that. 

Holley Gerth states:

“I [want to] listen long and hard to the things you’re afraid to tell anyone—the hopes that feel silly, the dreams that seem like dares, the quiet longings of your heart that get especially loud sometimes.

I’d nod, look you in the eyes and say, ‘Don’t let that go. Don’t hide it away. That’s real. And, yes, you really can see it come into being in your life. You have what it takes to see those dreams come true because you have a limitless God living in you. He has given you all you need and made you all you need to be.'”

It’s never too late to bring your childhood aspirations to life. It’s never too late to dream big with God.

Each post of this series highlights a real person who lived out or is living out their childhood dreams.

Prepare to be inspired!

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