My One Word for 2018 (and How to Pick Yours!)

My One Word for 2018

It was a lot harder for me to pick My One Word for 2018. I’m not sure why. 2017 was a big year. It was really hard, but also really, really good and I have a lot of expectations for this year. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing or a bad thing…but it’s real and honest. I’m just eager for things to start happening, ya know?

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Last year, My One Word for 2017 was steward. I wanted to be a good steward of my gifts, time, and passions. If it was placed in my hands or in my heart, I wanted to take care of it. As a result, God presented me with a handful of opportunities to be an advocate for the things I believe in and am passionate about. I was a diehard member of the Political Action Committee for White Oak ISD’s facilities bond (which PASSED and I SOBBED!!!!!), began volunteering at Heartisans Marketplace, and started working part-time at Longview World of Wonders as their Activities Coordinator.

I was given the chance to utilize and apply my social media and marketing knowledge, my love for writing in a way that tells a story and helps others understand the “why” behind various missions, and my passion for encouraging others to explore the possibilities available to them.




Below are the steps My One Word provides on their website to help you choose your one word. Here’s how I (finally) settled on My One Word for 2018!


I want to become a person who acts with joyful expectancy and maintains a hopeful heart, regardless of what’s going on around me. 

Honestly, there are times I doubt. There are times I question and wonder if there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. I get tired and weary.

Deep down, I know and trust God will provide (in a way that will give Him the most glory). But lately, at least this past year, it’s been hard to maintain a hopeful heart. I look at how far I still have to go and get discouraged.

DON’T GET ME WRONG, I am so thankful to be where I am and I praise GOD for getting me this far!

Sometimes I just look too long at the “not yet” that I fail to continue cherishing the “what is” in my life.

Am I making any sense?

Basically, I hope to do the hard, necessary, and tedious work as both a disciple and speaker/blogger while keeping a hopeful heart. Instead of getting discouraged by what I lack, I want to take great care of what I’ve gained while acting with joyful expectancy knowing, trusting, there is a sweet harvest that lies ahead.


Here are a few characteristics of someone who acts with a hopeful heart and joyful expectancy:

  • committed
  • patient (!!!!!!)
  • hard worker
  • determined
  • consistent
  • trusting
  • faithful
  • content
  • at peace
  • enthusiastic about what’s to come (!!!!)


As I was trying to figure out My One Word for 2018 that best represented my hopes and wishes, I finally narrowed it down to cultivate.

According to Bible Hub, cultivate can mean the following:

  • bestow attention, care, and labor upon, with a view to valuable returns; to till; to fertilize; as, to cultivate soil
  • direct special attention to; to devote time and thought to; foster; cherish
  • raise or produce by tillage; to care for while growing

I firmly believe we reap what we sow.

In order to get certain outcomes, it’s mandatory we care for what’s been entrusted to us.

We have to continue showing up each day and play our part in fostering growth.

Whether it be our faith or career, to cultivate these things is to be mindful of the direction they’re heading and to act with joyful expectancy of valuable returns.

Unless we “devote time and thought” to the things that matter most to us, we’ll never see them flourish and reach their potential. 

My One Word for 2018

Farmers want to produce bountiful crops. I mean…that’s why they farm, right? They cultivate and prepare the land for a bountiful crop. They wake up early, stay up late, plow the fields for weeks on end, plant seeds, water, and weed out what’s harming their crop. And, most importantly, they do all of this with a hopeful heart!




Farmers can’t foresee what exactly is to come, but they know they have a job to do so they act with expectancy.

A farmer tends to their crop. They keep it and guard it and watch over it. Regardless of what the weather looks like outside, they stick to their task. They keep showing up.

Farmers can’t (and don’t!) miss a day in the field because cultivating their crop is a priority. They do the hard, necessary, and TEDIOUS work because they trust that this careful attention will lead to something beautiful and bountiful.

My One Word for 2018 is cultivate because I hope to tend to the land with a hopeful expectation and anticipation of a bountiful crop and valuable returns (because I’ve definitely been lacking in this department).

I want to be more confident in knowing that one day (in God’s perfect timing!!!) I will reap what I sow.

My discouragement shouldn’t outweigh my trust.

So, that’s My One Word for 2018: CULTIVATE.

What about you? What’s your One Word? What type of person do you hope to become this year? Check out the website if you need help and follow their three steps! They also have words for you to choose from if you’re having trouble coming up with one. There’s a book, too (see below)!

We want to hear from you. Tell us what your One Word is in the comments below!



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