37 Quotes from People Over Profit

People Over Profit

I just finished reading People Over Profit by Dale Partridge. Although this book focuses more so on the business side of things, I believe the content is beneficial for anyone working with people!

Whether you run an online business, work in a hospital, teach at a school, or you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, this book reminds us of what is most important: people.

People are the most important thing on Planet Earth. How we interact with and treat those around us says a lot about who we are as individuals. 

Dale talks about having integrity, authenticity, courage, transparency, generosity, and quality in the workplace. He stresses the importance of being different and going against the grain. In doing so, he encourages us to go to work every day eager to make a difference, not a profit.

These were my favorite quotes from the book!

37 Quotes from People Over Profit

1. “Companies that believe people matter must believe that all people matter.”

2. “[The] fastest road to true and lasting success is a highway called truth.”

3. “Every day you have a choice to be honest or deceptive. If you commit to telling the truth, you will win. You’ll win more trust, you’ll win more business, and you’ll win more peace of mind. You’ll break the system and be even more successful.”

4. “When you’re willing to share wins and losses, successes and failures, you’ll build more trust and loyalty among your core customers.”

5. “[Negative] information builds mountains of trust. Customers know that a company is being radically open when they share things that are not in the company’s best interest to share.”

6. “Authenticity is a simple concept, really. It’s just living your message. Practicing what you preach. Being who you are. [Developing] this trait takes time and requires discipline.”

7. “You can’t be what you are if you don’t know who you are.”

8. “What are you doing currently that is not you? Murder it. Wrestle it to the ground, strangle the life out of it, and bury it in your backyard. Stop investing in things that are not you.”

9. “[Resist] the urge to become something else just because it seems more marketable.”

10. “Authenticity is the act of telling people what you believe and care about, not telling them what you think they want you to believe or care about.”

11. “So if you want to create a culture of authenticity, your work should help those you serve become who they are too.”

12. “Help customers love and embrace themselves, and you’ll offer them a beautiful gift they’ll not soon forget.”

People Over Profit

13. “Some things don’t change with age because they are part of what makes you who you are as a human being.”

14. “You must identify which parts of you make you who you are and which parts should remain flexible. Name your nonnegotiables. These are the timeless components of your company that should never change. What are those elements of your organizational personality that aren’t for sale? Once you know what is not negotiable, you’ll be able to evolve without selling out. There is a difference between innovating and compromising.”

15. “[It] requires bravery to accept who you are and stop trying to be what you think people want.”

16. “Craftsmanship is not just tangible but also emotional. Customers don’t only purchase products; they also buy an experience.”

17. “Whenever something has your name or fingerprints attached, it can’t be less than great.”

18. “It’s not too late to commit to quality. Never settle for satisfactory.”

19. “[Generosity] is selfless. It is giving without expecting anything in return. It’s built on love and care and compassion.”

20. “If you’re waiting for the perfect time to give, it will never happen–because the ‘perfect time’ is a myth, a fairy tale, a legend. There will always be constraints, barriers, and a good excuse not to pursue generosity.”

21. “[Start] small. Look for ways to build the incredible into the ordinary. Give your employees permission to perform the extraordinary and be selfless. Offer them the freedom to do for one what they wish they could do for all.”

22. “Generosity should be built in, not tacked on. This virtue works only when it is sewn into the fabric of your organizational personality. Rather than an afterthought or a reaction, generosity should be impacted in your DNA.”

23. “When generosity is who you are rather than something you do, it will seep out of your organization’s pores naturally.”

24. “The idea that generosity returns is a description of how the world works, not the motivation for giving. We should give because we love others, because we want to meet their needs, and because we believe people matter.”

25. “[Fear] will remind you that the decision is not practical, convenient, economical, or sensible.”

26. “You may fail. But you should never be ashamed for fighting for better business practices, for a better system, for a better world. Becoming a people-over-profit organization is not just about success. It is about the world we live in and the people who live in it with us. We are influencers, stewards, and change makers. These types of people fail and fail often. Bu they learn from their mistakes and press on.”

27. “If you don’t learn to manage it, fear will cloud you. It will limit your vision. And your options. And your potential. No on has accomplished anything great without conquering fear and taking risks. Every leader must choose which they value more: courage or comfort.”

28. “It’s called ‘breaking the system’ because it’s hard and it hurts.”

29. “Implement systems now that will allow for courageous decisions to take shape later.”

30. “The temptation is to sit back, circle the wagons, protect yourself, and go on autopilot. If you aren’t intentional about creating space for courage, it will not happen spontaneously.”

31. “Courage is having the strength of character to persist and hold on to ideas in the face of opposition, fear, and high costs.”

32. “Breaking a system means shutting it down. Ending it. Starting a revolution. To break a system, you have to overwhelm it. And this cannot be accomplished by a halfhearted or partial commitment to new behaviors.”

33. “How can you live what you believe after you’ve punched out?”

34. “Fear is the exact opposite of what you want your life to be…fear leads you away from your desires. So turn around, risk bravely, take the plunge, and start now.”

35. “Grab your bullhorn and shout, don’t whisper. Make such a commotion that those who aren’t accomplishing good will shake in their boots.”

36. “Leading good is a difficult and dangerous road to travel. It’s fraught with potholes and detours and bandits who wish to harm you. It stretches on forever, even after your time comes to an end. But if you can successfully traverse it, the world will be better for it.”

37. “Disappointment can be either destructive or instructive. You get to choose which.”

Don’t ever sell your values or morals in order to gain. Those things are not worth sacrificing. Put relationships first. Choose to serve people over profit. Be brave and generous and put people and their greatest good above all else!

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