Top 5 Blog Posts from August 2017 About Being Fully Present

Posts from August 2017

I realize it’s now September and I’m writing about my top 5 blog posts from August 2017. Personally, I thought it would be weirder to write about my trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas today rather than right after it happened. Now that I think about it…I’m probably overanalyzing it…but what else is new?

I’m just going to jump right to it. Here are my top 5 blog posts from August 2017! I hope ya like them. If not, just lie and say you did! *wink, wink*

1. 5 Inspirational Back to School Quotes for Teachers

By simply being present in the lives of your students and giving them 100% of yourself, day in and day out, you are rewriting their life story for the better.


Think about the hundreds of students that have come and gone throughout the years and all the lives you’ve touched. These students may enter your room for a year or two, but I promise you, you enter their hearts forever.


Your influence doesn’t end in the classroom, or in the library, or the office.


It walks across that stage with us and sticks with us the rest of our lives.

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2. For the Person Who Wants to Go on an Adventure (but You’re Limited on Time and Money)

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s easy to get wrapped up in where we’re not. As a result, we miss out on exciting opportunities because we’re dwelling on the things we don’t have (time, money, and resources).


LOOK, we might not live in Houston or Austin (those places are bumpin’) but that doesn’t mean our adventure life is hopeless! There ARE things to do right where we are (or at least in the vicinity). They may not be blatantly obvious to the naked eye, but we can totally go on an adventure if we want!


We just might have to get a little creative about it.

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Top 5 Posts from August 2017

3. Why We Need to Stop Criticizing Each Other

People need to know they’re not alone in the obstacles, circumstances, struggles, doubts, dreams, and insecurities they’re dealing with.


But rather than break down walls, we build them up. These barriers are getting higher and higher every day because we don’t want to let anyone in.


We say, “You’re not welcome here!!!!” or “You’re not doing it right!!!!” while we’re not even physically or spiritually doing anything ourselves.


Funny how that works.


We bash each other’s callings…all the while refusing to give in to our own.


THAT’S what’s wrong with the world.


We have GOT to stop criticizing each other.

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4. Advice for Those Who Are Going to a Community College

Going to a community college doesn’t make you any less of a human being. It doesn’t mean you’re less intelligent or incapable of achieving success. And you’re definitely not a failure just because you lived at home for an extra year or two before going off to a university (big whoop).


There’s not a single thing to be embarrassed of. 


My only regret is having believed the lies I was told about going to a community college before experiencing it myself.

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5. The Rock Movement That’s Changing the Nation

When we strive to spread and sprinkle kindness with each step we take, we lessen the unspoken burdens. We may not be able to remove the burdens completely, but our kindness is proof the dark times won’t last.


Kindness is so much more than you and me. It’s more than painting rocks and playing hide-n-seek.


This rock movement is about offering unique and incomparable kindness and compassion that points others in a new direction.

Read it here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about my top 5 blog posts from August 2017! What was your favorite blog post from this month? Did it make the list? What did you love about those blog posts?

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