Top 5 Blog Posts from July 2017

Posts from July 2017

I’m going to start doing “Best of” blog posts and share my top 5 blog posts for each month. If you’re new to my website and blog (WELCOME!!!), hopefully this post will help you see what I’m all about! To the regulars…perhaps you accidentally missed a blog post (WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULD TOTALLY SUBSCRIBE SO THAT NEVER EVER HAPPENS!!!) OR, maybe you just need a little pick-me-up because it’s Monday (BLECH)? Either way, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with my top 5 blog posts from July 2017.

They are encouraging, motivating, and will (hopefully) make you laugh. If not…well…I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO TELL YA.

FIRST OF ALL…CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S AUGUST ALREADY? I sure can’t. Heck to the no! I’m excited, though. A new month means NEW OPPORTUNITIES. This month can be anything you want it to be. 

I feel like my word for July has been present. I’ve been challenging myself to do all the things and make the most of my circumstances. My top 5 blog posts from July 2017 are a good representation of what God has been teaching me lately.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve also been learning a lot about finances. THAT’S RIGHT, FOLKS. The girl who used to leave notes under her desk for the underclassmen saying, “It’s too late for us but SAVE YOURSELF. THERE IS STILL TIME!!!! GET OUT OF ADVANCED MATH WHILE YOU CAN!!!!” (I’m only a little sorry, Mrs. J *wink, wink*) has been learning about finances.

Anyway…here are my top 5 blog posts from July 2017!

1. Finding Your Identity in Christ

Do you feel like you’re too much? Not enough? Are you losing sleep because of the hurtful things others have said about you?

Your identity is not found in the opinions of others. Did you know that?

Sometimes I forget.

As hurtful and damaging as words can be, they do not define you. That is not where your value is found. Your identity in Christ is the only label that matters. Not what he said about you. Not what she thinks about you. Don’t water yourself down to please other people. Live out your identity in Christ boldly and confidently! You are His.

2. Cow Appreciation Day + VLOG

I love Chick-fil-A and a whole lot of other people do, too. So, for my second vlog, I dressed up like a cow and asked random strangers to give me their BEST MOO at Cow Appreciation Day.

This was the result.

Top 5 Blog Posts for July 2017

3. My Trip to Fort Worth, TX + MY FIRST VLOG

THIS WAS MY FIRST VLOG (VIDEO BLOG), YOU GUYS!!! I’ve used every excuse in the book NOT to start vlogging because beginning something new is scary and intimidating.

But then I realized…

You have to write your first book, make your first video, get your first job, etc. before you can get to the best one, right? RIGHT!!!

So, I sucked it up!!!

Here is MY VERY FIRST VLOG about my Fort Worth adventures!!!

4. Do you feel like quitting?

Serious question. Do you feel like quitting?

To be honest, sometimes I do. I wish I could say it never crossed my mind but it does. I GET IT, YOU GUYS, I UNDERSTAND…BUT QUITTING IS NOT THE ANSWER.


Things are just hard right now and that’s okay because nothing worth having is supposed to come easy. There will always be resistance when we’re chasing after the things we want most.

5. The Fear of Trying New Things

Did you know being scared of trying new things is totally and completely normal? I was scared to make my first vlog and kept putting it off. I used every excuse in the book.

Eventually I realized I needed to take my own advice (L O L) and DO IT AFRAID…so that’s what this post is about! I talk about my biggest regret while making my VERY FIRST VLOG and overcoming our fear of trying new things.


Yes, trying new things puts us in a vulnerable position…but, the way I see it, it’s better to experience a moment of vulnerability than a lifetime of regret.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about my top 5 blog posts from July 2017! What was your favorite blog post from this month? Did it make the list? What did you love about those blog posts?


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