Why It’s Important to Remember How Far You’ve Come

how far you've come

This post wasn’t planned. I had no intention of writing it, but y’all…I’m sitting at Silver Grizzly fighting back tears. It is VITAL you take the time to remember how far you’ve come.

You know how memories pop up on Facebook? Because I made a new Facebook page a few years ago, very rarely do I have memories pop up. IT’S A TRAGEDY, I KNOW. Well, today, the sweetest memory popped up and I just cannot keep it to myself. It was my blog post Grateful for God’s Grace (POSTED ON MY OLD BLOG VIA BLOGSPOT, O M G) and this was the caption:

I’VE GOT BIG NEWS, PEOPLE! I know what I’m doing with my life! Well, for the most part! *wink, wink*


I realize now more than ever just how blessed I am for the people in my life! Do you remember those prayers for discernment I’ve been praying, trying to figure out if I should pursue public speaking or find a “normal” job? Well, as it turns out, God had already been answering those prayers before I’d even asked! I AM SO EXCITED!


Are you dying to know? Read my blog post for details!

I labeled this post “Grateful for God’s Grace” because God has always used other people to speak to me, and He used four different people to answer my prayers! They didn’t have to reach out to me, but they did, and I am so thankful for that.


I don’t deserve the people He has placed in my life, but I am so overwhelmingly grateful for them and His grace. Thank you to EVERYONE who has been praying with and for me, supporting me, and encouraging me as I begin this new adventure! I could not do it without you.

I had no idea this was coming up or I probably would have posted about this last week. This is absolutely insane, you guys. It’s officially been TWO WHOLE YEARS since I began this crazy, ridiculously hard, yet oh so INCREDIBLE, journey and I am breathless. Speechless. It doesn’t seem real.

I am nonchalantly trying not to LOSE IT in public over here. There have obviously been tears because I am weak and passionate and just overwhelmed by God’s goodness. HIS GOODNESS, Y’ALL, IT IS INSANE. I’m pretty sure I’ve used that word 18 times the past few weeks but I can’t think of a better word right now because my mind is going NUTS.


To be honest, I don’t take the time to stop and reflect on how far I’ve come near enough. As a result, I get aggravated…simply because I’m fretting over how far I still have to go rather than taking the time to celebrate and rejoice in how far God has brought me.

There is joy to be found in commemorating the small victories and tiny steps forward.

how far you've come

What about you? Are you so goal-oriented, the items you haven’t checked off on your to-do list overshadow the items you have checked off? 

Rick Warren encourages us, “Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.”

I want you to dream big with God.

With every fiber in my body, I hope and pray you will see the possibilities that lay ahead. You are welcome to believe as you please, but I’m telling you…we are not meant to just GET BY in this life. We’re not meant to dread every day and never use our gifts and talents and passions. WE’RE JUST NOT. Because God doesn’t work like that.

You and me, we were created to shine and be a light and do things we love as we GLORIFY GOD and point others towards the cross. Did you know that? Did you know God has an ACTUAL purpose and plan for your life? He doesn’t just say that and bail or leave you to fend for yourself.

No, no, no.

He comes through in the most remarkable and unbelievable ways…ways that ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be arranged by man.

When you take the time to remember how far you’ve come, everything changes. Oftentimes, what seems like a standstill journey is actually a purposeful progression.

In the past two years, by God’s A M A Z I N G grace, I have:

I’m nowhere near where I want to be and it’s really easy for me to get discouraged and frustrated and weary. But right now, in this moment, God used this precious memory to force me to sit and pause in His provision and sovereignty.

I cannot contain my gratitude.

Right now, in this moment, none of the hardship and shortcomings and failures matter.

The only thing that matters is God’s faithfulness because there is NO WAY IN THE ACTUAL HECK I would be where I am today without Him.

Again, no, I’m not where I want to be but I cannot help but PRAISE GOD and THANK HIM for where I am.

“Don’t you see how far you’ve come already? You have a lot to be proud of, and every reason to keep moving forward. You can do this.” —Scott Stabile

Looking back, I can vividly see His fingerprints and handprints and footprints all over my journey and my heart cannot help but rejoice.

My emotions are busting at the seams.

Remembering how far you’ve come reignites the dwindling flame and provides the spark you need to keep going. 

By no means have I enjoyed every minute of this path (L O L). However, I have repeatedly been humbled by God’s goodness and faithfulness and that, to me, is worth far more than a “smooth” ride (those don’t even exist, hahaha).

I’m literally doing what I love while working towards my biggest and greatest and wildest dreams. Striving to become a full-time blogger/speaker and make a living doing so is NOT a detour, it’s a VITAL part of the path. Unless being a talk show host isn’t what God has in store which is totally fine. I’ve surrendered those dreams and I’m chasing after them until He tells me to stop.

I have never felt joy like this before.

I’m using my gifts, talents, and passions to (hopefully) encourage others on their journey through life to have faith, live purposefully, and be a light in the darkness so that, together, we can make an eternal difference in this world for God’s Kingdom.

And that’s crazy to me. Absolutely ridiculous.

Things don’t fall into place all at once. They unfold over a span of time.

We must remember to recall the journey and all the seemingly small moments that have led us to this point. 

All the glory goes to God. Literally, all I can think is, “GOD IS SO STINKIN’ GOOD.” BECAUSE HE IS! He is faithful and gracious and He takes care of His kids. He doesn’t guide us down paths that lead to a dead end. It may feel like it at times but that’s not His intent.

Do you feel confused? Unsure? Like God has forgotten about you? Scared of taking the wrong step so you’re avoiding taking one altogether? Well, LET ME TELL YOU…TAKE THAT STEP!

God just wants you to be faithful and obedient. That’s what He’s looking for…faithful and obedient and willing servants who don’t care what the world thinks or says but instead see Him and Him only and are choosing to walk towards Him and His promises.

If God is calling you down a specific path, walk it. It may be the hardest path you’ve ever taken but it is 100% worth it if you’re walking hand-in-hand with your Creator.

I promise, in two years, you will look back and see how God has divinely organized each step of the journey and your jaw will drop. You will be amazed by all He has done and how far He has brought you.

As far from my goals as I am, I still cannot imagine being anywhere else but right here.

Stop what you’re doing.

Lay down the to-do list and set your frustrations aside.

Take this moment to look back at God’s faithfulness and His unending grace. 

Remember how far you’ve come, celebrate those tiny victories, and then gather up the courage and tenacity to keep going.

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