Part 4: Stop Selling Yourself Short by Dreaming Small

selling yourself short by dreaming small

In a sense, this goes along with selling yourself short at work. But, ultimately, this is so much bigger than that because selling yourself short by dreaming small affects everything. Dreaming big with God floods out of your heart and soul and pours into all areas of your life.

When I first shared my dream of being a talk show host and having a show that, through both words and more importantly actions, glorifies God, I immediately said, “But I know that’s crazy!!!”

The moment that came after changed everything.

Rather than agreeing or saying anything of the like, I was encouraged by these four little words: “Don’t sell yourself short.”

I’ve been dreaming bigger and bigger ever since.

Now, before I continue, please know that the size of your dream is irrelevant. When I say “dream big with God” I simply mean to acknowledge the fact that nothing is impossible with Him. To dream big with God is to talk out loud with Him about your heart’s deepest passions and how you can use those passions and your gifts and talents to glorify Him.

Dreaming big with God is simply about paying attention to that inkling you have in your heart or those thoughts that constantly dance around in the back of your mind and asking Him, “What do You want me to do with this?”

Your big dreams may consist of raising kids in the loving home you never had or providing a classroom environment that makes every child feel like they have something to offer this world or having integrity in a workplace where most people lie and cheat to get ahead.


“Don’t sell yourself short.”

Those four words, as simple as they were, altered everything.

I appreciate them now as much as I did the first time I heard them and I’m beyond thankful for the people in my life who repeatedly keep me from selling myself short by dreaming small.

Those words were intentional and sincere…and they are everything I need to keep going.

selling yourself short by dreaming small

If you have yet to have someone speak truth over you in regards to your dreams, I hope to do that for you now because I’ve been where you are. I have been afraid to speak my dreams out loud because of how ridiculous they sounded.

Outrageous, really.

I’ve felt the nervousness and shame and embarrassment of wondering how people will react and respond.

Thankfully, by the grace of God, I’ve also experienced the other side of it—the freedom that comes with sharing those dreams with the people closest to you and the joy that bubbles up and over when you surrender those dreams to God and spend your days brainstorming with Him.

If you’re selling yourself short by dreaming small, here’s what I want to encourage you.

First of all, stop.

Stop aiming small and thinking small and doubting God’s abilities.

You are underestimating His sovereignty. He can take anything and blow it out of proportion in the most marvelous way.

As my best friend Dulce so graciously reminded me, “God is the ULTIMATE NETWORKER.”

Our dreams do not have to make sense to anyone. SHOOT, they most likely won’t even make sense to US (HAHAHAHA, but really…AWK).

Here’s the thing, though. God is so big and the things He can do (and the things He wants to do!!!!) in our life are infinitely greater than anything we could ever dream up on our own.


Our dreaming big sets God up to come through in ways only He can.

You’re allowed to have big and unique and outrageous dreams. There is no manual that says, “I’m sorry, but you’ve reached your limit. You’re only allowed to dream this big.”

Oh, and you also don’t have to dream about things that already exist, so dare to dream specifically and boldly.

Selling yourself short by dreaming small or dreaming in a way that “makes sense” to the world is not fulfilling or satisfying.

We often think we don’t deserve to have “big” dreams or we don’t deserve for even our “small” dreams to come true. And you know what? We don’t. None of us do. But, God doesn’t allow us to have the capacity to dream because we earned it. He does it because He loves us and He wants to use us to advance His Kingdom here on earth.

He CHOOSES us to do that.

In no way whatsoever does He need us.

That, to me, is the most beautiful and incredible and remarkable thing of all.

There is no limit to what God can and cannot do. If He placed a dream in your heart, you’ll know it. The thought of it will set your soul on fire and it will allow your passions, spiritual gifts, and talents to coexist.

How God arranges for your dreams to play out may look nothing like you imagined and that’s absolutely okay…because we can trust that, no matter what we do or where we go or who we become, He has our best interest in mind. 

Stop selling yourself short by dreaming small because your big dreams reflect your big God.

Surrender your control and pride and fear and doubt and choose to go on a marvelous adventure with Him. Let Him lead and guide your life in a way that will draw you closer to Him.

Have faith that the desires He has placed in your heart are there for a reason and that He will fulfill them in a way that will give Him the most glory.

God-sized and God-given dreams that are surrendered, sought-after, and pursued are a force to be reckoned with.

You were created for such a time as this.

It’s time you start believing that.

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