Part 5: Stop Selling Yourself Short Key Takeaways (Conclusion)

stop selling yourself short key takeaways

I hope you enjoyed this blog series as much as I enjoyed writing it! Again, I AM NOT AN EXPERT and this series was simply meant to encourage you to reach your full potential and quit settling for less than God’s best for you. I thought I’d provide Stop Selling Yourself Short Key Takeaways to wrap up the series because this is really important stuff.

I want to be in your corner, just as others have been in mine.

Let’s make a sincere effort to stop selling ourselves short in all areas of life, together.

Stop Selling Yourself Short Key Takeaways: Relationships

  • Believing you deserve better does not mean you devalue the other person. Nor does it mean you think you’re better than them. It simply means you value yourself enough to know when something isn’t right.
  • You are not unworthy of true love because of your past.
  • Your worth is not found in a relationship, nor is it found in marriage. The ONLY relationship your worth is found in is YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST.
  • YDon’t let the desires of society’s heart for you cause you to doubt or question God’s desires for you.
  • Relationships should be about Christ-centeredness, not convenience.
  • If he doesn’t treat you like a princess, he’s not your prince and if she doesn’t treat you like a king, she’s not your queen.

Stop Selling Yourself Short Key Takeaways: Work

  • There’s a difference between not meeting all the qualifications and meeting all but a few qualifications. Sometimes we fall short in small areas while fully sufficing in other areas.
  • You’ve GOT to give yourself a chance. No matter how intimidating it may be, you will never know unless you try.
  • Know what you bring to the table and have the courage to show up.
  • You’ll never convince someone else you’ve got what it takes if you don’t believe it yourself.
  • Don’t let other people put a cap on your potential.
  • Quit minimizing your potential for the sake of another person’s perception.
  • Value your hard work enough to give yourself a chance at what could be.

Stop Selling Yourself Short Key Takeaways: Dreaming Small

  • Dreaming big with God is simply about paying attention to that inkling you have in your heart or those thoughts that constantly dance around in the back of your mind.
  • God is so big and the things He can do (and the things He wants to do!!!!) in our life are infinitely greater than anything we could ever dream up on our own.
  • Selling yourself short by dreaming small or dreaming in a way that “makes sense” to the world is not fulfilling or satisfying.
  • There is no limit to what God can and cannot do. If He placed a dream in your heart, you’ll know it. The thought of it will set your soul on fire and it will allow your passions, spiritual gifts, and talents to coexist.
  • Stop selling yourself short by dreaming small because your big dreams reflect your big God.
  • Surrender your control and pride and fear and doubt and choose to go on a marvelous adventure with Him.
  • Let God lead and guide your life in a way that will draw you closer to Him.
  • Have faith that the desires God has placed in your heart are there for a reason and that He will fulfill them in a way that will give Him the most glory.

stop selling yourself short key takeaways

I hope and pray these Stop Selling Yourself Short Key Takeaways opened your eyes and gave you the extra oomph you’ve been needing.

Never forget that you’re allowed to do things nobody else does and go against the status quo.

Just because a path is easy and convenient doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your path. Have faith and choose to look at things and life differently than most people.

Learn to be okay with not seeing things the way everybody else sees them.

Just take the next best step, whatever that step may be! It will be scary and you’ll probably want to throw up (TMI?) but I PROMISE IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

Your “yes” and obedience to God is a force to be reckoned with because there are no boundaries or limitations to what God can or cannot do.

Send in that application. Get out of that toxic relationship. Brainstorm with God. Be brave and take risks. Believe in yourself. Give yourself permission to make mistakes as you go…a lot of them.

Try hard, give your very best, and do things that bring you joy and that set your soul on fire.  

You don’t have to be typical.

Just be true…in your relationships, at work, and in the search for your purpose.

Be the person God made you to be and do it unapologetically and without reservation.

If you felt a stirring in your heart while reading these Stop Selling Yourself Short Key Takeaways, it’s time for you to make some choices and change a few things.

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