Kristin Koonce is a public speaker who is passionate about motivating others on their journey through life while using honesty, humor, and personal experiences to reach the hearts of her audience. She speaks on a variety of topics to people of all ages. Whether she is speaking to teachers, college students, high school students, or elementary students, Kristin strives to leave her audience encouraged, challenged, and changed.

Kristin is also an experienced emcee.

She loves to think outside of the box and goes out of her way to meet the needs of each unique audience. Some of her more popular topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Delighting in the Lord
  • How Teachers Make A Difference (the one speech your teachers need to hear)
  • Leadership
  • Loving Others Significantly
  • Living out Your Childhood Dreams
  • The Sweet Taste of Jesus
  • Loving, Living, and Serving Like Jesus
  • How to Love Deeply

If there is a specific theme you would like her to speak on, let us know and we should be able to accommodate your request!

Kristin Koonce Speaker Sheet

Upcoming Events


January 8: Grand Saline FCA

January 10: The Wedded Bliss Bridal Faire

February 13: Sweetheart Banquet at Calvary Baptist Church

February 24: STUCO District Forum at Ore City

June 4: Colonial Hills Baptist Church Women’s Retreat

July 7: Generate (Sports Camp/Christian Conference)

August 12: Full Armor Christian Academy

August 15: School for Little Children at FUMC Longview

August 29: Alpha Delta Kappa Meeting

September 22: Senior Sunrise at White Oak High School

October 10: Rooted at White Oak Elementary

December 15: Christmas Tea at FUMC Gilmer


January 8: The Wedded Bliss Bridal Faire

April 3: Rooted at White Oak Elementary

April 5: White Oak High School

June 15: Generate White Oak

August 17: White Oak Elementary (5th Grade)

August 24: Marshall Rotary Club

October 16: Rooted at White Oak Elementary


January 12-13: White Oak Community Church

March 5: Rooted at White Oak Elementary


“With grace, honesty, and humor Kristin Koonce is easy to remember and impossible to forget. She delivers to an audience more than they ever expected. I found her to be like a personal cheerleader to people of all ages. Definitely a speaker I want to hear again and again!“ — TAMMY WHITEHURST, Christian Speaker and Writer

“I have heard Kristin speak to a group of teachers as well as a group of 5th grade girls. She speaks words of encouragement and motivation that touch the listener no matter their age. Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious!“ — SHANNON, White Oak ISD

"I asked Kristin to speak to incoming Texas A&M transfer students and she blew me away. She was able to move the audience and inspire many. She was such an energetic and eloquent speaker." — ALLIE, Camp Woodward Co-Chair for Aggie Transition Camps

"Kristin Koonce spoke to the staff of White Oak Middle School as well as the staff from the Intermediate and Primary School. She shared her heart as she reflected on the teachers and staff who meant so much to her and the difference they made during her years at White Oak. The poise and confidence she possessed as she stood in front of former teachers, and now her friends and prayer partners, was remarkable. What a wonderful young lady."RONNIE HINKLE, White Oak Middle School Principal

"Kristin was such a joyful, enthusiastic and organized speaker for Colonial Hills Baptist Women's Retreat. Her love for the Lord and kind heart made her a true pleasure to work with! Our ladies really enjoyed her uplifting message. I would highly recommend Kristin for any speaking engagement!" — TAMMY BOWERS, Colonial Hills Baptist Church