Part 3: Stop Selling Yourself Short at Work

selling yourself short at work

Are you selling yourself short at work?

It is SO EASY for us to overlook and minimize our qualifications at work. Whether we are applying for jobs or embracing the role we’re playing now, sometimes we let the successes of others swallow our own successes. We see a job and want to apply for it, but then we unconsciously (and occasionally consciously) talk ourselves out of it.

“I’m too young.”

“They have more experience than me.”

“They’ll never consider me.”

“I don’t meet all the qualifications.”

One thing I’ve learned is this: there’s a difference between not meeting all the qualifications and meeting all but a few qualifications.

Sometimes we fall short in small areas while fully sufficing in other (quite) larger areas.

But, because of the few qualifications we don’t meet or have exact experience in, we talk ourselves out of it. We convince ourselves we’ll be overlooked because of that tiny detail.

And, maybe we will, I don’t know.

A lot of us have confidence until we find ourselves competing with people who are older, more experienced, have more degrees, etc.

I almost didn’t apply for a position because I’M YOUNG. Even though I know what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve built (by the grace of God) from the ground up and have plenty of proof I can achieve what I set my mind to.

I let my mind and society get a hold of me and push me into the ground…like a squashed bug! HOW SILLY OF ME.

Thankfully, my parents and a few others pushed me and encouraged me to go through with it!

Sometimes we need that extra oomph from those around us.

It’s not a bad thing.

It’s just life.

We don’t always see our potential. In fact, sometimes we just plumb forget we have any at all!

Stop selling yourself short at work! 

Quit dangling your foot over the water and just TEST IT OUT already! Jump in with both feet and scream “CANNON BAAAALLLLLLLL!” if you must.

It’s very likely that one splash could make all the difference.

You’ve GOT to give yourself a chance. No matter how intimidating it may be! Know what you bring to the table and HAVE THE COURAGE TO SHOW UP!!!!

Stop saying “no” to opportunities simply because they’re new and unfamiliar.

If you have ideas, SHARE THEM.

Don’t talk yourself out of potentially advancing your career.

Put your name in the hat for consideration.

selling yourself short at work

Sure, you may be young or less experienced in certain areas, but you know your potential. You know what you’re capable of. Be confident in yourself!

You’ll never convince someone else you’ve got what it takes if you don’t believe that yourself.


Step out of your comfort zone and give yourself a chance.

Send in your resume.

Apply for that job position.

Quit letting fear or rejection and the opinions of other people stunt your growth and minimize your achievements. Don’t let other people put a cap on your potential. Just because someone else may not see your value doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to see it.

When you sell yourself short at work, you miss out on endless opportunities. 

Give yourself a chance to do exceedingly well because TRYING is the only sure way of finding success.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s better to experience a moment of vulnerability than a lifetime of regret.

Quit minimizing your potential for the sake of another person’s perception. Stop selling yourself short at work.

Value your hard work enough to give yourself a shot at what could be. See what possibilities are out there.

Otherwise, they will have to choose someone else because you didn’t think your were worthy enough to be chosen.

Let me tell you something…YOU ARE WORTHY!!!!!

You have so much talent, creativity, determination, experience…you are capable of a lot more than you realize. I hope you will see that in yourself.

Stop selling yourself short at work and be confident about what you bring to the table. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!

P.S. — NEVER MISS A POST! You can follow along with this blog series here. UP NEXT: Stop Selling Yourself Short by Dreaming Small

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