The One Reason Why Turning 23 Isn’t So Bad

turning 23

I TURNED MY FAVORITE NUMBER TODAY! These are my thoughts on turning 23. CHECK IT OUT.

I’ve favored the #23 ever since my City League “PARD” days. That’s right, I proudly sported Michael Jordan’s number with my slicked-back ponytail (this was pre-side-ponytail), navy blue scrunchy, and flesh-colored lip bumper. I was quite the sight. For those of you who have seen Little Miss Sunshine, I looked a lot like Olive Hoover minus the glasses. For those of you who haven’t, see below:

Little “Kris” Sunshine at your service, sweatband and all.

I would post an actual picture of me in my prime but since I’m trying to build a career in blogging, I’d hate to scare you off so soon in the process. For those of you who knew me at that age, you’re welcome. You can thank me later for the picture you have of me in your head.

Okay, you can quit laughing now.

If you Google “turning 23” you will see headlines that read:

  • 23 Reasons Nobody Likes Turning 23
  • 23 Soul-Crushing Truths About Being 23
  • 23 Things In Your Life That Will End At 23

Apparently 23 is an “unfortunate age” to turn.

Not to me, though.

turning 23

To me, turning 23 is anything BUT unfortunate! This is the age I’ve been waiting for, as it marks the beginning of the rest of my life, a journey I’ve been eager to travel for as long as I can remember…not to mention this is the first year of my life that DOESN’T INVOLVE SCHOOL. In the words of Jen Hatmaker, “ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!”

Turning 23 means, from here on out, I will be in a fearless pursuit of my dreams as I seek to discover God’s purpose for my life. It’s always been school first, dreams later…but now I get to focus SOLELY on what sets my soul on fire! I would fall asleep at night thinking about my dreams, my heart racing, only to have to wake up and go to school the next day. Now I get to spend every minute of every day working towards those dreams.

The 14-time NBA All-Star set high expectations for himself, passionately followed his dreams, and refused to let obstacles or failure keep him from achieving what others deemed impossible.

I hope to do the same.

I’m so thankful to be where I am.

There may be a lot of uncertainties that come with turning 23, but there are a lot of opportunities, too! SO, LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!

Although I could go on and on, I think I want to leave it at that.

It’s been a good 23 years, y’all.

Well, I actually don’t remember much from ages 0-7 (I like to refer to those as the “lost” years) but regardless, I turned out okay.

The bottom line is this: God is good and I’m so, so, so excited to spend the rest of my days learning about Him, using what I’m most passionate about to glorify Him, and living a life devoted to serving Him.

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  1. Mary G

    Thank you for your vision, determination, patience and most of all faith to launch this website. I have been struggling today and just reading your blogs and statements uplift, encourage and empower me. You are a blessing and may God bless you today INDEED!!!!
    Luv ya


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