The Rock Movement That’s Changing the Nation

Rock Movement

Have y’all heard of the rock movement that’s changing the nation?

Do y’all remember when I had to take GEOLOGY in college? It was actually the worst and I hated every minute of it (although I did meet my pal Vanessa so I’m thankful for that). As someone who HATES ALL THINGS SCIENCE, I was encouraged to take Geology (AKA: Rocks for Jocks). I thought, “Okay, maybe it won’t be so bad. I’m sure I can handle it.” I COULD *NOT* HANDLE IT. I don’t care what ANYBODY TELLS YOU, do *NOT* take Geology. Ever. IT IS *NOT* ROCKS FOR JOCKS. I barely survived that class. Granted…I often sat in lecture and would silently Skype my friends (HAHAHAHAHA). I WAS A COMMUNICATION MAJOR FOR A REASON, YOU GUYS.

Don’t worry.

This rock movement actually has nothing to do with deciphering which rocks are igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic (PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW). I just wanted to make my new profound love for rocks more dramatic. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I came across a painted rock and this is the post I shared on social media:

I was talking on the phone outside at Silver Grizzly Espresso when something in the corner caught my eye. I walked towards it and found this rock with a stick figure holding a flower and the word “kindness” painted on it.


Rock Movement

It made me catch my breath.


When I hung up, I sat on the bench for a few minutes thinking about that rock and what it represents.


Kindness–it’s not always an extravagant gesture. Sometimes, it sits subtly in the corner…just big enough to catch our eye and make us look in that direction. We see it and immediately feel drawn to it, just as I was drawn to this rock.


We too often underestimate kindness and the power of a moment.


Changing a person’s life, and the direction they’re going, really only takes one selfless act of a stranger. That’s all it takes to bring someone hope for another, better day…a brighter future.


To whoever placed this rock in this corner, thank you. I’m thankful for people like you who see opportunities to influence and encourage, and take them.


This week, let’s subtly show kindness to those around us in our own personal corners of the world.

After sharing my experience on social media, a few different people commented on my post and told me I needed to check out Longview Rocks. I took a gander at it and I was BLOWN AWAY by what I discovered.

This rock movement that’s changing the nation was started by a gal named Megan Murphy. To make a long story short, she quit her job and began searching for “more meaningful ways to spend her days.” In doing so, she took strolls along the beach in Cape Cod. Well…

“One day, Murphy wrote messages with a permanent marker on a few rocks and left them on the beach. When a friend reached out to her after finding one of the rocks, explaining that the message had improved her day, Murphy knew she had stumbled on the perfect way to help others.” — Terri Peters, TODAY

Basically, it’s a community filled with “rock painting groups [that] are brightening the days of strangers — one colorful rock at a time.”

I cannot handle this.

Who would have thought painting rocks OF ALL THINGS could have such a dramatic and eternal effect on the lives of those who come across them?

I mean, seriously.

Think about it.


Rock Movement

I got in touch with the individual who brought this RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME MOVEMENT to Longview, TX. Here’s what Rachel Corbitt had to say about the rock movement that’s changing the nation:

My husband and I visited his parents in Mexia, TX who have a large and very active group, and it seemed to be all the town was talking about. We literally watched people hide and discover rocks over and over while we sat eating dinner. His mother told us about it and we went that day to buy supplies. We found ourselves, four grownups, painting rocks with cute little faces and inspirational sayings and having a blast.


It seemed like a wonderful idea to me, I love to paint and make crafts. My favorite part was how the whole family can get involved. Kids, teens, adults. The pictures of families around the kitchen table painting are just amazing, getting everyone to sit down at once and actually enjoy themselves is hard and this seems to be doing the trick.


A friend in Mexia gave us a bag full of rocks she had painted to get our group going. My husband and I recruited our kids, added more to the bunch, then started hiding them all over Longview. I started the group that day and less than two months later our group has over 650 very active members. We have plans to do get-togethers, tutorials, etc. It’s really bringing the town together.


I don’t believe there is a thing out there more important than being a kind person. Our world is full of hate and fear and we should all take every opportunity we have to brighten someone’s day. And if painting “You are enough” on a rock is going to make someone smile, then we’ve all made the world a little better.

I am obsessed with everything about this rock movement.

When we choose to offer kindness to those around us, it’s life-changing. People leave us changed. That’s what this rock movement is about…changing the lives of those around us by offering them a glimmer of hope. 

We change the world by showing kindness to those in our corner of the world.

We have no idea what others are facing. It’s impossible for us to know the unknown battles others are having to fight behind closed doors. Every interaction is an opportunity to shed the light of Christ on another hurting soul. Whether we’re sitting at the coffee shop or checking out at Walmart, people need to feel noticed and appreciated. They need to feel seen. They need to know their situation is not hopeless.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to see past what’s right in front of us. As a result, we have a difficult time believing there are brighter days ahead.

We have the power to change a person’s life for the better, and all it takes is reaching out and caring for another person. By putting them and their needs before our own, we can be that hope they’re looking for…the hope they’re waiting for.

God calls us to get involved. He doesn’t want us to stand hesitantly on the sidelines. He needs us in the game, watching out for our teammates, His kids.

When we strive to spread and sprinkle kindness with each step we take, we lessen the unspoken burdens. We may not be able to remove the burdens completely, but our kindness is proof the dark times won’t last.

Kindness is so much more than you and me. It’s more than painting rocks and playing hide-n-seek.

This rock movement is about offering unique and incomparable kindness and compassion that points others in a new direction.

We have no idea what message those around us need to hear. 

Without even realizing it, we can be that message. We can share those words their soul, unknowingly, desperately longs for.

We’ve got the power to change a person’s life for the better. Kindness is one of the simplest, yet most profound ways we can show people the love of Christ.

Painted rock in hand or not, we are the movement this nation and this world longs for. 

What are we waiting for?

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