Tips for Highlighting Your Bible (and Studying It!)

highlighting your Bible

I have some tips for highlighting your Bible! NO PRESSURE, though.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m a little OCD about certain things…and by a “little” I mean a lot and by “certain things” I mean just about everything.

This has to be here and that has to be there.

I *IMMEDIATELY* start picking up the trash in my area when I get in my best friend’s car.

When I’m texting hurriedly and make a spelling/grammar error, I delete the text from my phone so I don’t have to see it…and usually send the exact same text with the corrected spelling/grammar in place.

Everything has to be lined up correctly, whether that be the “just for looks” towels on the rack in the bathroom (that people aren’t supposed to touch but they do…THEY ALWAYS DO) or the unused pillows I place on the chair in the exact same way every night. The two square throw pillows go first with their lines running horizontally, and the first pillow (with the pillowcase that matches the comforter) lies long ways while the second lies up/down to ensure the pillows remain perfectly balanced on the chair throughout the night.

As Jacques the Shrimp says on Finding Nemo, “I am ashamed.”

But not really because that’s what makes me, ME! Am I right!?

With that being said, I’m also OCD about highlighting AND LET ME TELL YOU. I LOVE HIGHLIGHTING! I highlight in every book I read…textbooks, chapter books, etc., YOU NAME IT!

In my Bible, I use a yellow Bible highlighter (one of the best creations known to man) partly because it’s my favorite color (yes, highlighter yellow is my favorite color…judge not) but mostly because I’m OCD and the thought of adding another color made me wince and grit my teeth like one would upon hearing fingernails scratching a chalkboard.

I’m here to tell you that I, Kristin Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo Koonce, Princess of Genovia (I’m kidding…that’s Mia’s full name on Princess Diaries, not mine), stepped out of my OCD comfort zone and bought colored Bible highlighters on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 around 6:54PM at Lifeway.

And, better yet…are you sitting down? I’VE USED THEM! I’M A CHANGED WOMAN!

I was on Pinterest the other night (surprise, surprise) when I decided to search for Bible study suggestions and came across one that caught my eye! It’s every highlighter-obsessed person’s dream and it can be yours today for $1.99/highlighter!

As you can tell, I am too excited not to share my recent discovery of studying scripture and highlighting your Bible by color-coding it!

SIDE NOTE: I love bright colors. I’m not kidding. They genuinely make me happy. I’m just as surprised as you are that it took me this long to branch out and bring extra color to my quiet time…but better late than never, right!? *crowd echoes* “RIGHT!”

Here’s the colors you’ll need for highlighting your Bible:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple

Here’s tips for highlighting your Bible:

Yellow: Because Christ is the LIGHT of the world, you highlight His teachings in yellow.

Pink: They haven’t created a red Bible highlighter yet, so we’re going to use pink in its place by highlighting the things God does NOT want us to do! When you see the color pink, you need to STOP! Quit it! #sin

Green: Green represents the things we’re called to GO do!

  • “GO and make disciples of all nations!”
  • “GO tell it on the mountain!”
  • “Love the Lord your God!”

Blue: We use blue to highlight the BLESSINGS (BL-UE, BL-ESSINGS…see what they did there?) God promises us when we choose to walk with Him and obey His teachings and commands.

Purple: They used purple to highlight things to work on, but I am using it to highlight the attributes of God because let’s face it…I need to work on EVERYTHING (L O L).

Who knew highlighting your Bible could be so fun and colorful!?


highlighting your Bible

The bad news is, I’ve already highlighted over 50% of the Bible in just yellow, as I’m currently striving to read it all the way through…and there will be NO overlapping colors whatsoever.

Oh, the agony.

It (not-so-secretly) drives me crazy knowing the entire New Testament has been highlighted in yellow. The good news is, I will highlight something new every time I re-read chapters (because God is always teaching me new lessons), so there’s a good chance it will (one day) even out!


I know, I know…this wasn’t my typical blog post! Let’s face it, though, with only 4 hours left to take, I have a LOT of free time on my hands! Why not blog about my new profound love and use of ALL Bible highlighter colors?

Don’t worry, I’m still Kristin.

I still don’t want you to touch my decorative towels or put your bare feet on my bedspread.

I’m making slow, subtle changes…nothing too drastic!

As Bon Qui Qui says in her King Burger YouTube video, “Welcome to King Burger where we can do it your way…but don’t get crazy!

I don’t plan on getting crazy.

Never underestimate the impossible.

I am an overcomer.

You can be, too.

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