Top 25 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017

Top 25 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017

Honestly, THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST. I love seeing which blog posts hit home for the most amount of people. These top 25 most popular blog posts from 2017 (give or take a few) encourage me and remind me that we’re not alone in the situations we face (#1 is proof of that). 

At times, I’m hesitant to share certain blog posts (even though I know God placed a specific subject on my heart for that very reason: to share with you). But, being human, I get scared and unsure. Being vulnerable is no easy task and it’s something I have to consistently work on.




However, every single time I’ve listened to God’s nudging, He has used your kind feedback and responses to reaffirm the importance of being obedient and following through with what He asks us to do.

Organizing the top 25 most popular blog posts from 2017 made me think about all the times I put off writing a blog post due to fear and uncertainty…and how, when I finally did what God was asking me to do, He showed up in ways I never expected.

God just wants and needs us to be obedient (even when it’s scary) and He will take care of the rest.

Because that’s what He does best.

Here are my top 25 most popular blog posts from 2017! I listed them backwards to spice things up a little bit (I’m a rebel, I know). I did my best to pull the most powerful one-liner (or two and three-liners) from each post to give you a better idea of what you can expect to gain from the post if you choose to read it.

They’re about God and kindness and adventures and hard times and success and trying new things and overcoming failure and loving people. In NO WAY WHATSOEVER do I have all the answers. I mess up all the time…I do and say the wrong thing.

EVERY DAY, actually.

I’m imperfect and broken and human.

I don’t write because I have my act together. I simply write because I feel called to and I want to be a faithful steward of the passions God has given me.

So, whether you’re reading them for the first time or the fifth time, I hope and pray you are encouraged, challenged, and inspired!

Top 25 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017

#25 4 Ways to Have Fun at the State Fair of Texas on a Budget

Everyone should experience The State Fair of Texas at least once in their life. It is our public duty as residents of the state that is “most likely to secede” (HAHAHA, I’m not over that joke).

#24 For the Person Who Doesn’t Want to Make New Friends (Right Now)

The hardest part about growing up and beginning a new chapter of your life is finding (read: making) time to make new friends. Post-college is fun, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE IT. It’s way better than college…but it’s also a heck of a lot harder than college…ESPECIALLY when it comes to making new friends.

#23 What is God doing?

Our present circumstances do not disprove His presence.


Never underestimate the unseen work God is doing in your life. We cannot see what God sees and we do not know what God knows.


The obscurity of our vision only magnifies the clarity of God’s. Trust that He is doing far more than the human eye can see.

#22 The Rock Movement That’s Changing the Nation

When we choose to offer kindness to those around us, it’s life-changing. People leave us changed. That’s what this rock movement is about…changing the lives of those around us by offering them a glimmer of hope.

#21 12 Christian Songs for Difficult Times

For someone who talks a lot, I can’t always find the words to say. Lately, I’ve been letting these songs do the talking for me.


If you’re in a rough spot, I hope you’ll take the time to listen to these songs! They don’t hide the hurt or shove it under the rug. They do the total opposite.

Top 25 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017

#20 Part 2: How to Love Deeply by Being Fully Present

Being fully present is about setting aside our own selfish desires and time and focusing our attention on others instead. It’s about having a readiness to stop what we’re doing and put the life of another person before our own.

#19 What I Learned from an Artificial Christmas Tree

Stewardship is not about waiting until everything is perfect before planting our feet on the ground and digging in. Stewardship is a constant process that unfolds as each day passes.




#18 23 Quotes About Trying New Things

Life is too short to live in fear of failure.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


Put yourself out there and see what happens.

#17 3 Things to Help You Stop Feeling Like a Failure

By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can get through hard times. You and I both. We’re going to make it.

#16 Part 4: How to Love Deeply by Serving Others

Serving others is about humbling ourselves before others and putting their needs ahead of our own for the sake of the Gospel. No strings attached. It’s about knowing what God is calling us to do and then doing it without question. It’s about looking past our pride and choosing to be non-selective with our love.

#15 For the Person Who Wants to Go on an Adventure (but You’re Limited on Time and Money)

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make memories either. You just need to be in good company and have an eager spirit.

#14 Finding Your Identity in Christ

People will judge you and criticize you no matter what you do, but the opinions of others do not define you. They are not what give your life meaning and value.


Their perception of you is not who you truly are.

#13 Will I Ever Have a Breakthrough?

We may not be having the breakthrough we hope for, but our faithfulness and obedience may be the passageway to someone else’s breakthrough.

#12 5 Ways to Represent Jesus This Holiday Season

Although we should be portraying Christlike character at all times regardless of the season, it seems there are a lot more opportunities for others to experience the sweet taste of Jesus during Christmas time.

#11 18 Quotes About Kindness

We have the power to greatly alter a person’s life. Forever. We can change a person’s life for the better by being kind, or we can change it for the worse by being unkind. The choice is ours to make.




#10 Why You Should Delay Instant Gratification

When we settle for what’s right in front of us, we miss out on God’s ABUNDANT blessings. He’s been known to take something small and double, triple, or even QUADRUPLE it. BUT, we have to give Him time to allow everything to come into fruition!

#9 How to Start Trusting God With Your Future

Walking in obedience and trusting God with your future is not always logical from the world’s perspective. It doesn’t always feel logical either, but we serve a God who defies all logic.

#8 How I Ended up at Longview World of Wonders

God is divinely paving your path. He’s laying it down one brick at a time. He’ll use your present circumstances for his greater glory.

#7 Part 1: How to Love Each Other Deeply (Introduction)

To love each other deeply is to choose to love others when loving them in that moment isn’t the easiest thing to do. THAT’S the way of Jesus.

#6 5 Inspirational Back to School Quotes for Teachers

By simply being present in the lives of your students and giving them 100% of yourself, day in and day out, you are rewriting their life story for the better.

#5 How I Feel About Tie-Dye Shirts (and Why I Bought One)

Life is too short to wear normal shirts.

#4 I Don’t Have It All Together (and Why You Don’t Have to Either)

Life isn’t always good. It’s not always enjoyable either. There are seasons we go through that hurt really bad and there are times when we don’t have it all together.




#3 Things to Do in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Sometimes you just need to get the heck out of town and forget about your commitments and obligations for a little while. I’m recharged and ready to get back on the grind!

#2 Reasons Why Perseverance Pays Off

Don’t limit the possibilities by refusing to take the steps needed to make those dreams come true.

#1 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is a real thing and you’re not immune to it just because you’re a Christian.

If you have any questions about one of the top 25 most popular blog posts from 2017 or just need somebody to talk to, I’m here for you. My door is always open.

You can email me at or shoot me a DM on Facebook (or you can just text me if you have my number, LOL).

I’d love to hear if your favorite blog post(s) made the Top 25 Most Popular Blog Posts list! Tell us in the comments below! Which blog posts did you love? Which blog posts stuck out to you most? Are there any topics you’d like for me to expand on?




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