How to Start Trusting God With Your Future

trusting God with your future

FOCUS QUESTION: Are you trusting God with your future?

GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! My website is 12 months old today!

“How old is your website?”

“It’s 12 months.” 

“ONE. Your website is ONE.”

It’s been ONE YEAR since I launched a website and dove headfirst into the unknown.

To say this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done is an understatement. I’ve wondered, “What is God doing?” a hundred times and I’ve cried just as much. Just kidding. Way more.

*laughs nervously*

But really…

There’s a meme on Pinterest that says, “I stopped believing for a little while this morning. Journey is going to be so mad.” I would be lying if I said I haven’t had my fair share of doubts because I have. Will I ever make a living doing this? Are people even reading my blog posts? Why won’t anybody email me back? Am I supposed to build an online presence to gain credibility first and then speak?

Not having answers to lean on has forced me to lean on God. By placing my career and future in His hands, I’ve been able to watch God provide in ways only He can provide. I’ve had to learn (and relearn) what it really means to be patient, depend on the Lord, and trust Him with my future.

A lot of people wonder why I did it because in no way does my journey appear successful according to society’s definition of the word.

Walking in obedience and trusting God with your future is not always logical from the world’s perspective. It doesn’t always feel logical either, but we serve a God who defies all logic. 

This website marked the beginning of a future I couldn’t see with my eyes or tangibly hold in my hands. In NO WAY did I know how to run a website. What are widgets? Plugins cost money? What does CSS mean? I literally picked my website host because it had the word “Gator” in it and alligators are my favorite animal. Judge not.

I’ve asked more questions in the last year about speaking and blogging than I did in my entire 17 years of schooling. It has been a humbling experience to say the least.

I keep showing up because I’ve tasted the sweetness of God’s grace and the rewards of doing things His way. He provides the reassurance I need to keep going even when the going gets tough.

I’ve experienced many highs and many lows but I’m thankful for both because I have been shaped by both. The highs remind me of God’s faithfulness and provision. The lows remind me of my desperate need for Him and my inability to do any of this without Him. 

I’m working diligently to ensure I’m keeping up my end of the deal. This means producing content every week and pouring 100% of myself into my blog posts and speeches. However, at the end of the day, I know the outcome is beyond my control and I’m called to let go and place everything in God’s hands. That’s my responsibility as a disciple and it’s yours, too.

We’re called to work our tail off and give it everything we’ve got while placing the results in God’s hands. Whatever they may be. As I’ve mentioned before, there is no better place for our lives to be than in the hands of our loving Father.

Trusting God with your future is less about facts and more about faith.

trusting God with your future

I believe Corallie Buchanan said it best: 

“When we look to God as provider, we are surrendering our independence and trusting someone else to meet our needs, over which we have no control. Letting go of our ‘dependence on independence’ and letting someone else take control goes against natural human instinct. We need to fight the urge to take over and just let God be God, because He can provide for us better than we can.” 

When God calls us down a path, the task doesn’t always include a road map or instructions because it is through the unknown God teaches us to rely on Him wholeheartedly. Each day of the journey will require a new level of trust and the ability to look past what makes sense to society.

Trusting God with your future requires faith, patience, and total dependence that He will provide. And He will. It may not be in the way we hoped for or expected but it will always be in the way we need it most. His plans are far bigger and better than our own.

If God is calling you to step out in faith, I pray you find the courage to jump. The abundant life is on the other side of fear. It’s big and scary but also beautiful. When we trust God to provide, He shows up in ways man never could.

There is joy to be found in the midst of God’s provision.

Are you trusting God with your future?



  1. Joyce Wilkinson

    Thank you for your honesty and wisdom. We have been wrestling with a decision regarding our future. We felt we were being swept along by outside forces. Then our loving Heavenly Father reminded us of his word in Is. 46:4 Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you. I will sustain you and I will rescue you.
    What a promise!!!! No matter whether we have those gray hairs now (as we do) or will have them in the
    future we can rely on him.
    Keep up the good work Kristin.

    1. Kristin Koonce Post author

      Oh, I love that, Mrs. Joyce! Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, too! It means more than you know. I miss you and Mr. Collin! I hope y’all are doing well. I love y’all! <3

    1. Rhonda Bybel

      Thank you for your love and faithfulness to God’s calling on your life, Kristin. You are touching so many lives with the words He gives you to share. Thank you for following His will because your words have touched my heart when I am needing it most. Keep sharing and trusting God’s will for your life. I love you!💕💕

  2. Ashley Sutton

    Kristin, you are touching so many lives. I know God uses messengers and you are such a precious one. The last couple of blog posts could not have come at a better time. Kevin and I are totally relying on our faith after receiving some terrible news recently. We may not be able to see God’s plan clearly at this moment but have trust that He will continue to guide us. Keep letting your light shine 🙂

    1. Kristin Koonce Post author

      Thank you so much, Ashley! I cannot tell you how much reading your words has warmed my heart. Yes, God will continue to provide and guide! Thank you for always reading and for encouraging me on this journey. I appreciate it more than you know! 🙂

  3. Kirste Ganobsik

    This is the refreshment for my Soul that I needed to read today, and it had me nodding “yes” and laughing in recognition of my own stumbling blogging journey! Love this line: “I literally picked my website host because it had the word “Gator” in it and alligators are my favorite animal.” Hahaha, you go lady. I got a Wayne Dyer meditation for Christmas, and it said ‘Success is now measured by how much peace you feel.’ I love this definition of success.

  4. Chaunte

    Thank you for your honest post. I’m struggling right now with trying to get into a nursing school, getting out of a relationship with a man I thought I would marry, and fighting daily to keep my joy in the midst of it all. I know God is faithful so I feel ashamed being hurt and disappointed, but the truth is as a human I am hurt. Thank you for showing that everyone sometimes is uncertain and at times confused. I enjoy your post! Keep pressing forward sister:)

  5. Julie Severson

    The fact that you keep showing up says a lot. That’s where you’re called to be–in the showing up. Loved this. All of it.


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