The Fear of Trying New Things

Trying New Things

Did you know being scared of trying new things is totally and completely normal?

I mentioned this in Monday’s post but thought I’d take it a little further because I think it’s really important.

I MADE MY FIRST VLOG (video blog). Two years ago I knew I wanted to (eventually) start a YouTube channel. As I learned more about blogging, I decided to wait until I had a good handle on blogging before adding anything else to my plate.

After a year of blogging weekly, I started feeling ready to vlog. Videos are crucial in this day and age! Not only that, they’re fun and entertaining.

Although I know how important videos are, I couldn’t bring myself to start. I messaged different people and talked to them about it. I researched the best cameras and lighting but I continued putting it off.

Even though I wanted to begin, I couldn’t bring myself to do it and kept finding excuses to delay the process.

I finally decided to take my own advice (funny how that works) and DO IT AFRAID.


Anywhere outside of our comfort zone is a vulnerable place to be. It’s unknown and awkward and really intimidating.

Trying new things never gets easier. Have you noticed that?

You would think we’d be CHAMPIONS at trying new things but we’re not. It is just as scary each and every time. We go through this unending cycle of, “OH MY GOSH, I CAN’T. NO, LATER. I’M SCARED. HELP. BE WITH ME, LORD. OKAY, I’M DOING IT. PSYCH!”

Following your dreams or striving to reach your goals is not a walk in the park. You will have to regain your courage again and again to keep pushing through the unknown.

I had to remind myself of my own advice: DO IT AFRAID.

“We’ll never reach our goals if we’re unwilling to face our fears and do it afraid. When we refuse to move forward despite being afraid, we’re closing the curtains without giving God a chance to perform.”

How the actual heck can I have a YouTube channel if I never make my first video!?

We see everyone who is a professional at what we want to do and we retreat.

“I’ll never be as good as them!”

“I don’t have what it takes.”

“What if it’s a total bust?”

“I’m going to wait until I have the right equipment.”

When it comes to trying new things, we will never feel 100% ready…but if we have a goal in mind, we’ll have to start somewhere.


Do you think I felt awkward setting up a tripod to film myself crawling out of a log? HECK YEAH, I DID.

Would you like to know my only regret????


Trying New Things

It’s okay to be scared and it’s okay to be nervous but we can’t let fear keep us from trying new things! There is so much out there that we’ll never get to experience if we allow fear to keep us from trying new things. 

Maybe it will work out and maybe it won’t.

We can make all the excuses in the world but ultimately experiencing life to the fullest comes down to bravery and having the courage to DO THINGS.

Trying new things doesn’t have to be anything super big.

Vlogging isn’t big.

It’s just different and something I’m not familiar with.

There’s a quote (by an unknown author) that says, “You’ve got to be a beginner before you can be anything else.”

Trying new things is less about the size of the thing and more about the skeptical aspect of it and what’s keeping us from doing it.

Trying new things is how we grow! It’s how we learn and discover what we’re really made of. We’ll get better. Things always become easier in time and practice!

So that thing you’re wanting to try? Do it.


There are good things on the other side of our comfort zone. Know your gifts and talents, know what you’re capable of, and utilize those things in the midst of trying new things.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the process and jump in. Let’s stop analyzing what could go wrong and start trying new things before it’s too late and we completely change our mind.

Fear will always be there but it doesn’t have to stop us.

Learn to play the guitar. Sign up for that class. Apply for that job. Ask that person out on a date. Invite that friend to church. Go on that road trip alone. Start saving up money to buy that lot. Begin the process of owning your own business. Design that t-shirt.

Let’s reap the benefits of trying something new, together.


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