Why You Should Celebrate Small Victories (and Not Feel Bad About It)

celebrate small victories

I’m physically making it a point to celebrate small victories on my journey because I am realizing more and more just how important it is. When we deflect giving ourselves credit for finally accomplishing something, no matter how small and insignificant it seems, our motivation and hope vanishes.

SIDE NOTE: This goes along with my blog post about the importance of taking the time to remember how far you’ve come.

When we fail to acknowledge and celebrate small victories, we get discouraged and the flame inside us starts to dwindle.

UNFORTUNATELY, taking the time to celebrate small victories is basically frowned upon in society. It’s almost as if we’re not allowed to get excited about ANYTHING. How dare you belly laugh in public? Don’t even think twice about shrieking in elation when you see your long lost pal walk through the door.

WHY ARE WE LIKE THIS? Why are we ashamed or afraid to feel joy and express that joy…and why do we make other people feel confined to exactly 0 emotions?


Small victories add up.

The little wins we commit ourselves to day in and day out lead us to the successes we’re striving for.

It’s easy to forget about the importance of making time to celebrate small victories.

Success is a long process and achieving your big goals is not the only moment to be proud of. Everything you’ve accomplished along the way is worth celebrating. Each step of the journey plays a significant role in your progression.

A WIN IS A WIN. I don’t care how small it seems.

If you failed to reach it numerous times before, it’s important and it matters.

Don’t overlook it.

Don’t ignore it.

Daily wins lead to a lifetime of success. Give yourself permission to be excited and celebrate small victories because they are subtly guiding the way.

celebrate small victories

Allow yourself time to enjoy and appreciate these tiny confidence boosters.

In celebrating small victories, you believe more and more in the possibility of big victories. There’s absolutely no shame in believing in yourself a little bit more than you did before simply because you did something right.


Forget about the straight faces and cold appearances and BE GIDDY ABOUT LIFE!

Celebrate small victories, even if it’s microscopic and nobody else understands why you’re excited.

This is your story, your journey.

The way you handle the little blessings will prepare you for handling the big blessings. Any blessing, any act of grace, should be treated with appreciation.

Scream “HECK YEAH!!!!!” at the top of your lungs and go run around the block!

Treat yourself to some ice cream or a movie or a new book or a few episodes of your favorite tv show.

Share your happiness with others so they can enjoy the gratitude. Tell your best friends or your mom or mentor and let them be excited with you and for you. Your tribe cares! Let them in so they can celebrate, too! This will encourage them to celebrate small victories, too.

BE HAPPY FOR EACH OTHER! You are alive and breathing and taking teensy steps forward.

You don’t have to make giant leaps to make progress.

Every step matters.

Each victory plays a vital role in your success.

It’s easy to find ourselves feeling like a failure when it seems we’re not succeeding in life…and that’s EXACTLY why we need to celebrate small victories! Those small victories remind us of everything we’ve managed to accomplish (by the grace of God) thus far. We NEED to remember them and acknowledge them because otherwise we get burned out and our motivation is minimal.

Don’t ever feel bad for showing appreciation and excitement for these tiny steps forward. 

Progress is progress. 

Give yourself permission to celebrate small victories and what God is doing in your life.

Appreciate the little bits and pieces of success you’re experiencing because they are what keep you going! Develop an attitude of gratitude that consistently points you back to the true source of those victories.

Most of all, be thankful for the little things and celebrate small victories. Life is too short to bottle up your joy and gratitude.

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