Part 7: Why You Should Pursue Your Passion (Conclusion)

I thought I would conclude the Living out Your Childhood Dreams series by recapping the major points in each post, why I chose this specific topic, and why I believe you should pursue your passion.

Here’s the thing…I don’t know everything. I’m not naive to the fact there is still much for me to learn in this big, wide world. There is one thing, however, that I know for certain…

We were created for a purpose. We make a Kingdom difference by being good stewards and using our gifts, talents, and passions for the benefit of others.

In doing so, I believe we’re called to dream with God. But living out those dreams look different for everyone. They may seem bigger or smaller from an earthly perspective but from a Kingdom perspective, the size of the dream is irrelevant.

It’s the Giver of the dream and the specific purpose He’s trying to fulfill through each one of us that matters.

When you pursue your passion, you’re setting yourself up to better reach God’s people in the way you were created to reach them.

I chose to call this series Living out Your Childhood Dreams because the dreams we had as kids were pure. They had not yet been tampered with or polluted by society. As I mentioned in the second post of this series, I believe the interests and passions we had as kids reflect the purpose God has for us as adults. There is joy to be found when you pursue your passion.

Kristi Koonce, Gracie Gibbon, Stephanie Fears, and Lindsay Steele are proof of that.

Holley Gerth notes, “I believe as long as we’re alive, our dreams are too. God doesn’t plant desires within our hearts to let them wither and die. Yes, they may be dormant for a season. And yes, when they finally push through the ground, they may look nothing like what we anticipated — but they’re still possible…it’s only too late for our dreams when we decide to write ‘The End’ on our stories and close the book.”

It’s NOT too late to start living out your childhood dreams. It’s NOT too late to do the things you’re most passionate about, the things that SET YOUR SOUL ON FIRE. You can start being a faithful steward of your gifts and talents right where you are. 

If you’re one of those people who boxed up your dreams, it’s time to unpack and move into the abundant life that awaits you.

You’ll never find satisfaction living up to this world’s standards because God’s purpose (and plan) for your life is otherworldly. 

We serve a God who is omnipotent and whose power is UNLIMITED. Why do we let small-minded people limit our ambitions? Why do we give society the upper hand in our lives when our lives were formed by the hands of our Creator?

If God numbered the HAIRS ON OUR HEADS, wouldn’t you think He purposefully placed the passions in our hearts?????????????? Don’t you think He wants you to pursue your passion?

Don’t dream like the 26 or 36 or 56 year old you are.

Dream like the 6 year old you once were.

To quote Holley Gerth…again, “Every day you dare to dream, you fight back the darkness and add a little more light to the world. When you keep your heart open, the kingdom wins. And you, my friend, are on an adventure that’s going to take you to places beyond what you could have even imagined. Places with joy, tears, glory, grace, and most of all, more of Jesus with each step you take. The ‘more’ your heart has always hoped for is what God has wanted to give you all along. So let’s get going.”

Pursue your passion and ask yourself these questions.

  1. What are you most passionate about?
  2. What are your gifts and talents?
  3. Is there something in particular that keeps you awake at night?
  4. Are there longings in your heart that have yet to go away?
  5. What have you dreamt of doing ever since you were a little kid?

NOW…LET’S GET GOING! You can download a PDF of the key takeaways from my Living out Your Childhood Dreams series here: Key Takeaways

Special Thanks

To my mom, Gracie, Steph, and Lindsay, thank you for taking the time to participate in this series. Thank you for trusting me with your stories and for letting me share those stories with this community. Most importantly, thank you for living out these stories. Thank you for following your hearts and for using your gifts, talents, and passions to make a difference. Thank you for doing what you love and for being an inspiration to me.

To Coach Hutchins, thank you for encouraging me to turn my childhood dreams post into a series. Thank you for brainstorming with me and for challenging me to take this thing a step further.

To my readers, thank you for following along with this series. Thank you for simply giving a girl like me a chance. I pray you know how special you are to me. I genuinely, deeply care about your heart and soul. Each post I write is written with you in mind!

My mission is to encourage others to have faith, live purposefully, and be a light in the darkness. I pray this series inspired you to start living out that childhood dream God placed in your heart all those years ago.

Pursue your passion.

I want to end with this excerpt from You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream:

“Your journey on this path is not by coincidence. You are here because God looked out over all of history and chose you for a particular time and purpose. You could have entered the world a hundred years ago or a thousand years from now. But you are in this generation, this time, and there will never be another you or another opportunity to do what only you are chosen to complete.

Go out there in boldness knowing that you don’t have to be like anyone else. You don’t have to do what any other person has done. You are chosen for one life — yours.”

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