Giving Yourself Permission to be a Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Give yourself permission to be a work in progress.

This morning’s She Reads Truth devotion read,

The Bible is full of in-process people, those whom Christ pursued and loved exactly as they were, well-intentioned messes like me. Like you. If we need permission to be in process, we can look at Scripture.

I am the woman at the well, taken aback that this man would dare to be seen with me.

I am Zaccheus, standing at a distance and hoping to catch a glimpse of the Messiah.

I am Peter, promising I would never deny Him and then turning around to do exactly that.

I am Peter, weeping when I meet Jesus’ eyes and realize that I have failed and failed big, again.

I am Martha, running around trying to guarantee my worth and everyone else’s happiness.

I am Mary, collapsing at His feet because I am so desperate for His presence.

I am the adulterous woman, standing guilty for all the world to see.

I am the bleeding woman, utterly incapable of healing what ails me.

I am a mess, in process, just like all of them.

Good grief.

Is it just me, or did a wave of relief just rush over you when reading that?

Work in Progress

We are all these imperfect human beings who fall short of God’s glory with every breath we take. But His love for us never changes.

He sees us in the crowd and, knowing good and well what we’ve done, He still chooses to call us by name.

A lot of times, all we can see is the mistake right in front of us. Our failures, the mishaps. Things we said or did that we wish we could take back.

Sometimes I look at myself and think, “I’m a wreck. I’m so far from being righteous; a great distance away from being anywhere close to perfect.”

Tears fill my eyes and I look down in shame, embarrassment, and remorse.

My soul feels weary.

And then my Father takes my face in His hands and tells me, “It’s okay, my child. You are still mine. You are mine forever. I made every part of you…the parts you like and don’t like…the parts others both love and hate about you. Nothing you could ever do on this earth will make Me stop loving you. My love for you is not dependent on the minimization of your mistakes. It is far bigger and greater than your biggest and greatest mistakes.”

We are a work in progress.

There are broken pieces of us that will never fit together until we get to Heaven or Christ returns. 

We are going to fall short because we’re human. We are going to make mistakes because we’re human.

But God’s grace is in the midst of our mistakes and shortcomings. 

Becoming like Christ will literally take the rest of our lives, and there is freedom found in allowing ourselves to be a work in progress. 

Work in Progress

It’s okay to mess up.

It’s okay to make mistakes.

Don’t look too long at the broken pieces you forget about the work God is doing to mend You into something beautiful.

He is the Master Designer, and He WILL complete His work in you. Don’t assign yourself that task. It’s God’s job to complete His good work. Not you.

Give yourself permission to be a work in progress and keep pursuing Him.

God loves you just as much today as He did before you made that mistake. 

He’ll love you the same tomorrow, so give yourself permission to be a work in progress!

We are all under construction.

I’m holding on tightly to that today. Won’t you, too?

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  1. Matthias

    Yes, this is what mature religiousness is about. Being honest and humble, striving openly. Being understanding and loving.

  2. Rosanna@ExtraordinaryEverydayMom

    Yes! We are all a work in progress. Living for Christ is a journey and not a destination. It’s easy to forget that doing a much of good works won’t make him love me more. This is something I’ve always struggled with. Slowly, though, I’m learning to let go and let God.

  3. Robin Revis Pyke

    I always share that I am a work in progress! I am thankful that God will never forsake me and He will always be there for me!


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